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Dismantled Equipment


Unit # Description Serial Number
UP1 1992 Hitachi Track Hoe EX200 147-67181
UP2 1989 Caterpillar 988B Loader 50W9839
UP3 Caterpillar 826 Tractor 580173
UP5 John Deere 590D Excavator FF590D5001790
UP6 John Deere 710C Backhoe T0710CJ768565
UP7 Caterpillar 992 Wheel Loader 25K02041
UP10 Caterpillar 330 Excavator 6DR00829
UP11 Caterpillar 824C Wheel Dozer 85X01380
UP13 Caterpillar 988BWheel Loader 50W06532
UP16 Kobelco 220 Log Loader LLU1596
UP17 Caterpillar 950F Wheel Loader 5DK01809
UP19 Deere 644B Wheel Loader 644BN350435IT
UP20 Caterpillar 826C Compactor 87X00569
UP21 Deere 544B Wheel Loader 544BB229701T
UP22 Deere 690D Wheel Loader 690DL517380
UP23 Deere 644C Wheel Loader 401229D
UP25 Cedar Rapids 411 Paver 45395
UP26 Deere 490D Excavator CK490DS014957
UP27 Champion 470A Motor Grader 740A-23-84-10970
UP28 Caterpillar 140G Motor Grader 81V0561
UP29 Deere 792 Excavator 000773
UP30 Caterpillar 627B Motor Scraper 14S879
UP31 Deere 892 Excavator  
UP32 Deere 490D CK490TS014287
UP33 Deere 710C Loader Backhoe T0710CD0757387
UP34 Deere 570A Motor Grader 11850
UP35 Deere 510B Loader T0510BB722929
UP36 Deere 410C Loader Backhoe T0410CF762773
UP37 Deere 410D Loader Backhoe T0410DG791358
UP38 Deere 644B Wheel Loader 644BA309656T
UP39 Caterpillar D3B Bulldozer 23Y0316
UP40 Caterpillar 834B Dozer 92Z0409
UP41 Caterpillar 834B Dozer 92Z0156
UP42 Caterpillar D4H Dozer 8PB01363
UP43 Deere 850B Dozer T0580BH749641
UP44 Deere 850B Dozer T0850BH722229
UP45 Deere 755B Crawler Loader T0755BX730636
UP46 Caterpillar 977 Crawler Loader  
UP47 Deere 644C Wheel Loader  
UP48 Caterpillar 920 Wheel Loader 62K8370
UP49 Champion 740AVHP Motor Grader X028506X
UP50 Deere 892D Excavator L0C5591
UP51 Caterpillar 325L Excavator  
UP52 Deere 770 Grader With Engine  
UP53 Caterpillar Delimber 078LM01061
UP54 Caterpillar TH82 Telehandler  

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